Sintex Water Tank Repairing

Sintex Water Tank Repairing

You can get your Sintex or PVC water tank from the Selvi Enterprises which provide the water tank repair services very professionally. If you water tank is less damage then you should repair rather than changing it. Sometime sintex water tank repairing cost is relatively low than RCC or concrete water tank repair.

You sintex water tank will be repair very fast. The Selvi Enterprises provides a very fast and standard Plastic water tank serviceThe Sintex or PVC is just basically means plastic water tank. The plastic water tank repair kit and material used are very superior quality. The plastic water tank repair kit should good such as water tank tape. 

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. Remove all render, paint or other material from the substrate. …
  2. Any cracks or voids (wider than 1 mm) should be repaired with either MAXREST or MAXPLUG if there is flowing water. …
There are two ways you can waterproof your water tank: The conventional way is the application of cement slurry that will stop the leakage for the time being. It’s only a temporary solution to waterproof the tank which is done to arrest the leakage from cracks & joints.
Apply a generous amount of resin around the tank’s rupture, covering the area that the patch will be placed over. Set the patch in place. Cover the top of the patch with additional resin, being sure to coat the seam between the patch and the plastic tank.May 21, 2020